Monday walk


Today’s treadmill walk. I took my rest day yesterday as it was a busy day otherwise.


He likes to hide in blankets. 😂 Good thing we always have a pile of them around.


My after walk snack- Pressed by Kind. These are not very appetizing to look at (very kale/spinach-y green) but they taste good.

During my walk I listened to the “Weird Darkness” podcast.


I just love spooky stories. This episode included a story about a haunted house that was creepy. I have lived in two houses that seemed to have supernatural stuff going on (in my opinion) so I find other’s experiences interesting. ☺️ I also worked helping  renovate a reportedly haunted hotel and that was definitely a scary experience! Even if it was my mind playing tricks on me. Who knows? 😅

Have you ever experienced a supernatural occurrence or ghost?



Long run day


I had my long run on the schedule today. It was a step back week so it was 3 miles. I had to walk a few times but it was because I had to answer a few texts, not because I was tired. Felt pretty good!

Afterwards I went grocery shopping and also picked up some running related products.


I am really liking the Nuun so I got a few more flavors. And I couldn’t find my go to Power Bar Bites so I thought I’d try the Clif products. Not thrilled about their partnership with Ironman (I didn’t realize it until after I bought them but there it is emblazoned right on the side. LOL) but…they were the only block/gel products I could find at this particular store. I’ll keep looking.

I didn’t get as much time to work on my blanket as I had hoped so it is still in progress. I also need to catch up again on my Temperature Blanket. I’m pretty much resigned to just writing down the week’s temperatures and then doing it all at once. Not ideal but it works out. 🙂

Hope you all are having a good weekend!


Happy Friday!

I have a roast in the slow cooker. My workout is done. I just need to get this place straightened up (toys everywhere!) and then we’re ready for the weekend.

Fridays are “cross training” days on my schedule so I rode my spin bike for 30 minutes.

With a few pauses for putting Moana on and such. 😁

Then I did some ring rows, push ups and kettlebell swings.

After my workout, I had one of these oatmeal bars we made last night.


I make these with different add-ins like raisins, apples, bananas, berries or this time I used Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate chips. Really good!

I need to work on my granny blanket some more today. I’m using up the variegated yarn right now and the colors are so rich and saturated. I’m really liking this blanket.



Why am I doing this?


I drank half a bottle of Nuun before my two mile run this morning and I think it was too much. But I’m learning what I can tolerate and this is the time for learning.

As I was gutting out a mere two miles I was thinking…why?

I actually have many reasons why I want to get back to running. The biggest is health related. I’m 46 and I have a 3 year old. Obviously I need to live until at least 100 years old. 😉

But it is a huge motivation. Plus add to that my genetic (Native American) predisposition to diabetes and the fact that people in my family tend to die young (in their 60’s) from heart disease/diabetes when they are overweight.

So I want to get back to running. Lose the weight. But also gain back that feeling of challenging myself and rising to the occasion that I only seem to get from running.

The mental challenge is a huge part of the appeal for me. I like having the specific mileage goal of the day and  forcing myself to meet it. And sometimes it is very much forcing myself through sheer will. It feels so good to achieve those goals…after I’m done. It’s kind of a boost for the rest of the day. I did that tough thing – I can do others.

When I start feeling panic about the end goal of this training – race day – I just have to remind myself that running is a much bigger endeavor than just one race. It’s about the every day – getting healthy – that’s the real goal.


Crochet – My goal for today is to work on my scrap Granny  blanket. I hope to finish it this week!



Schedules and changes

I spent the morning adding my marathon training schedule to Garmin Connect. I don’t know if it was worth the time it took but it’s done! All those weeks of running. Lots of miles to come. But I’m excited about it.

Today’s run was disjointed. I ran a mile and then my daughter needed me for something. When I paused the treadmill, somehow it tripped the breaker and it took me about 20 min to confer with my husband via text and fix it. Then I ran the other two miles on the schedule.

I was hoping to see if I could run the three miles straight but it was not to be. That’s OK. Right now as long as I get the mileage done per day I’m happy.

I caught up on my Temperature Blanket yesterday. Very excited about that as it was bothering me to be so behind. We’re supposed to get MORE SNOW tonight so it’s definitely quite the colorful, interesting weather blanket.




This run made me really happy. I know it’s not “fast” but it’s the best I’ve done in quite awhile and it FELT GOOD. Which is huge. Huge boost in my motivation.

I sipped some of my water bottle of Nuun before and chugged the rest after. It has that fake sugar taste of diet soda but my head is feeling good so…if it works I’ll deal with the taste. Unless and until I find something better. 🙂


Dark orange!

I’ve been catching up on my Temperature Blanket today and I’ve finally gotten to the dark orange “warm” temperatures we had last week. Today, not so much. Back to the 40’s.


I still need to do my 2 mile run. The painter was supposed to come this morning to work on some warranty repairs so I didn’t run but then he ended up cancelling. Aaaaand I still haven’t gotten around to it. Hoping for nap time if it happens. Fingers crossed.

I’ve been listening to Christian music lately. Ever since my daughter became old enough to sing along with song lyrics I feel like I should probably monitor those lyrics more closely. 😅 Most of them these days are so…not what I want my three year old singing. So – Christian music. We’re having fun discovering new-to-us artists.

I love this song by Lauren Daigle. The whole album is great.

And I have been playing this MercyMe song on repeat.

I also found some Catholic podcasts to listen to while running and they have been interesting. There’s always more to learn or understand more deeply.  Lately I feel like God is calling me to grow in faith and be a better person.

And in tech news – I have been wearing my Garmin the past few days and loving it. I even figured out how to make the watch numbers pink which is fun. It has so many options – makes me wonder if I will ever figure them all out!