Monday non rest day

Mondays on my training plan are usually rest days. But I was lazy yesterday and didn’t even get my 30 minute walk done so I moved it to today.  30 minutes done.


I have been alternating between my Fitbit and my Garmin trying to decide which I like better for every day wear to track my steps and workouts. I have to say each have their pluses and minuses. (And I should say I have an older Fitbit and a Fenix 3 so not the newest tech on either.)

The Garmin is more comfortable to me but it is BIG. But Fitbit has a much more straightforward tracking system for calories/water. With Garmin you have to also have My Fitness Pal and I find it to be a little cumbersome to switch between the two.

The Garmin does seem to be more accurate but my Fenix 3 doesn’t give me a heart rate without the separate heart rate monitor strap thing for running. While the Fitbit does heart rate all the time.

The Fitbit also has an Instagram-like community section if you are into that. But as I am trying to cut back on that type of social media, maybe that’s not a plus. 😉

I think for now I’m going to mostly stick with the Garmin. I like all the data it gives and I will definitely be wearing it for all of my outdoor runs so…why not all the time? If only it wasn’t quite so huge.  🙂


I also checked out a bunch of different hydration options. I really, really don’t like Gatorade and in my mind all of this stuff seems like Gatorade and just give me an overwhelming mental yuck feeling. But I need to find one that works. Any recommendations welcome. I tried Nuun today and it wasn’t terrible. But it was kind of…chalky? They had so many options there though. Even pickle juice. Eek. No.






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